Lochloosa Lake Farm is a commercial greenhouse nursery that specializes in blueberry plants. Our clients are:

  • Commercial growers of southern highbush blueberries looking to expand acreage
  • Commercial growers of southern highbush blueberries looking to replace acreage with newer varieties
  • Commercial growers of southern highbush blueberries looking for reset plants for their field
  • Commercial growers of other crops looking for alternative crops to add for diversification
  • Investors/ partnerships with no prior growing experience looking to plant blueberries as an investment
  • Alternative market growers which include U-Pick and roadside stands

Why select Lochloosa Lake Farm?

  • Our top-tier facility allows for the precise control of growing environments. The result is greater overall plant health with less incidence of pests as compared to many of our competitors.
  • We implement nursery practices that allow us to obtain and maintain clean nursery stock, and prevent the cross-contamination and commingling of varieties.
  • Licensed to operate by Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Service.
  • Permitted to sell patented varieties by Florida Foundation Seed Producers.
  • Nursery Manager, Tavis Douglass, has over 20 years of nursery experience and is currently the most successful propagator of UF’s new ‘Indigocrisp’.

At Lochloosa Lake Farm, we believe, “if our customers are successful, we are successful.”  Our staff can:

  • Assist with the selection of varieties that are best suited for your climate and soils
  • Explain how to properly care for the plants after they are installed in the field
  • Provide a demonstration of production techniques through a personal farm tour
  • Provide plants within your timeline and to your specifications